Brentwood Hard Court Tennis Club, has joined forces with Padel  123 to build the first Padel tennis court in the Brentwood area.

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Keith Gilbert

James Weatherup



£30 p.a.

(Free for Full, Off Peak, and over 60 Brentwood Hard Court Members) 


£12 per hour off peak

(10am to 6pm)

£20 per hour peak

(all other times) 


or download the FREE Clubspark booker app (Apple and Android) 

Padel evolved in Mexico and is enjoying rapid growth in the UK and worldwide.

It is played on an enclosed court about a third of the size of a tennis court.

The rules are the same as tennis, although serving is underarm and, like Squash, the walls are used as part of the game.

Padel is great for all ages; it's not power dominant and caters to all levels of play.

With limited racquet skills players can quickly engage in dynamic and fun rallies, utilising the court's surroundings.

Padel is always played in doubles, which makes it very social and therefore ideal for the entire family.

All you need to play is tennis attire, all court shoes, padel bats, and padel balls.

Padel balls have slightly less pressure than the traditional tennis ball.

The club can give access to Padel balls and racquets on request.

To book a court we recommend downloading the Clubspark Booker app, which is available on apple and android devices.


Once you register it is easy to follow the booking instructions on this page.

Alternatively you can click the links on this page to go to our Booking page on the ClubSpark website. 

We recommend that you register with Clubspark rather than logging in using one of the other options (e.g. Facebook or LTA) so that we can get your user details when the booking is made.

This will help us communicate with you about the booking and access to the club and Padel kit, particularly if you are new to the club.

Once registered the instructions on this page take you through an online booking.


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