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Subscriptions for new members for the year commencing 1st April 2024






Full                                                                  £325                                     

Off Peak (play weekdays until 6pm,             £220                                          

Sundays after 2pm and Bank Holidays)                                                                            

Over 60 (not employed)                                £265                                        

Student over 18 on 1st April 2024                 £150                                         

in full time education living at home



Student over 18 on 1st April 2024                 £92                                          

in full time education living away


Parent Practice Membership                       £105                                          

Coaching Member                                          £120                                    

Junior - 18 or younger on 1st April 2024     £65                                    

Mini - aged U11 on 01 April 2024                  £45                                      

Munchkin - By agreement with                     £22                                         

Head Coach and Tennis Manager


Social member                                                  £35                                              

Country Member (see note 3 below)          £190


Visitors fees (for information only) subject to a maximum of 8 visits per year)

£7 (Adult), £4 (Junior)



Preferential membership fee for all Brentwood Tennis Club Members for the Brand New Padel Tennis Facility on the grounds of the tennis club (separate membership and court fees will apply)

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1. On joining the club, your membership must be paid before you play.

2. A family with two or more Senior or 1 Senior plus at least 1 Full Junior membership at the same address qualifies for 10% discount on the Senior amount only as Junior subscriptions already include a discount.

3. Country membership is available for adult members living over 25 miles (Google maps shortest route) from the club. 

4. When new members join part way through a club year pro-rata rates are available, please contact the Membership Secretary to discuss.

5. The preferred method of payment is BACS, the BHCC bank details are given on the Membership application form.

6. Refunds are not given if any member cancels a membership during the membership year.

Download Membership Form (PDF format)

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