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Privacy Statement

Brentwood Hard Court Tennis Club is committed to complying with data privacy legislation.

The information below is what is referred to as a ‘Privacy Notice’ - it explains how the club uses and protects your personal information.

Brentwood Hard Court Club has a Data Protection co-ordinator whose role it is to ensure that any personal information processed by the club is processed fairly and lawfully (respecting your rights and ensuring we follow the law).

If you have any concerns or questions regarding how we look after your personal information, please contact any member of the club committee.

Personal Statement

The club, in fact, stores and processes very little personal information. However, we may need to use some information about you to:

  • provide contact information to other club members to enable you to arrange matches;

  • provide contact information to team captains to enable them to organise teams for inter-club

  • provide contact information to organisers of club events or tournaments;

  • provide membership information to the coaching team to enable them to keep you informed about
    the coaching programme and other coaching/fitness related activities;

  • keep you up to date with general information about the club e.g. tennis & social events, court
    availability i.e. maintenance, bad weather etc;

  • help investigate any worries or complaints you have about the club;

  • to help with research and planning of new activities/events/services.

Personal information is often records that can identify and relate to a living person. This can also include information that when put together with other information can then identify a person.


Where members choose to pay their membership electronically – account details may appear on club bank statements. Although, this information is not directly requested by the club and is often de-personalised (Name/Reference) - bank statements are held by the club treasurer for up to 7 years (current year plus six). These statements will not be filed with membership forms thus preventing any cross referencing of data.

Special Categories of Information

This is personal information that needs more protection due to its sensitivity.  This information is likely to include:

  • sexuality and sexual health

  • religious or philosophical beliefs

  • ethnicity

  • physical or mental health

  • genetic/biometric data

It is unlikely that the club will have access to or hold any of the above data, with the possible exception of a member of the coaching team requesting details of a medical condition relating to a junior member.

Where this is the case it would be entirely with the consent of the parent/guardian and personally retained by the coach concerned i.e. it will not be used, stored or maintained by the club – but may be shared with other coaches with the explicit consent of the parent/guardian.

DBS checks are requested by the club for club officials/coaches having direct contact with junior members. However, this data is not retained or held by the club. However, the club may require ccess to the DBS database from time to time.

A register of DBS checks is maintained by the club welfare officer, containing name, certificate number and date of issue (public task).

Legal reasons for processing personal information 

There are potentially a number of legal reasons why personal data may be needed or collected.
The privacy notice below explains which legal reasons for keeping your data. Generally, we collect and use personal information in the following circumstances:

    Where you have given – ‘consent’

    Where you have joined the club as a member – ‘contract’

    Where we need to access data to perform a task in the public interest – ‘PublicTask’

We may also use your data where:

    Where you have made your data publicly available

    Where it is necessary to establish, exercise or defend a legal claim

Where we are using your consent to process your personal data, you have the right to withdraw that consent at any time. If you wish to withdraw your consent, please contact the Data Processing co-ordinator or the membership secretary so that your request can be dealt with.

How we limit the use of personal information 

Brentwood Hard Court Club holds personal data as part of the contract between you and the club i.e. to maintain your membership. The publication of your data is limited to a member’s list on the club notice board containing – Name, Telephone Number, Email, Membership Category. This data is not anonymized or de-personalised and is published entirely with your consent. We do not sell personal data to any other organisation for the purposes of selling products. 


Privacy rights



The law provides you with a number of rights to control the processing of your personal information:

Accessing the information we hold about you

You have the right to ask for all the information we have about you. When we receive a request from you in writing, we must normally give you access to everything we have recorded about you. However, we will not let you see any parts of your record which contain:

    Confidential information about other people; or

    Data that an information professional thinks will cause serious harm to your or someone else’s physical or mental wellbeing; or

    If we think that the prevention or detection of crime may be adversely affected by disclosing data to you.

This applies to paper and electronic records. If you ask us, we will also let others see your record (subject to one of the above points). If you have any queries regarding access to your information, please contact the Data Processing co-ordinator.


Changing information you believe to be inaccurate

You should let us know if you disagree with any information held - we will correct factual inaccuracies.




Asking for your information to be deleted

In some circumstances you can request the erasure of the personal information used by the club, for example:


    Where the personal information is no longer needed for the purpose for which it was collected


    Where you have withdrawn your consent for the use of your information


    Where there is no legal basis for the use of your information


    Where erasure is a legal obligation


Should personal information be shared with others, the club shall make every reasonable effort to ensure those using your personal information comply with your request for erasure.


Please note that the right to erasure does not extend to using your personal information where:


    It is required by law


    It is used for exercising the right of freedom of expression


    It is in the public interest in the area of public health


    It is for archiving purposes in the public interest


    It is necessary for the establishment, defense or exercise of legal claims.

Restricting what your information is used for

You have the right to ask us to restrict what we use your personal data for where one of the following applies:

          You have identified inaccurate information, and have notified us of this

    Where using your information is unlawful, and you wish us to restrict rather than erase the information

    Where you have objected to us using the information, and the legal reason for us using your information has not yet been provided to you

  • When information is restricted it cannot be used other than to securely store the data, and with your consent, to handle legal claims, protect others, or where it is for important public interests of the UK.

Where restriction of use has been granted, we will inform you before the use of your personal information is resumed.

You have the right to request that the club stop using your personal information. However, this will restrict the club and fellow members being able to invite you to play matches and take part in club activities and events.


Automated decision making/profiling.


The club will not use your data to make automated/computer based decisions about you. Profiling is where decisions are made about you based on certain things in your personal information


Sharing your personal information


The club does not share your personal information with other organisations.

Should the club need to share your personal information – we will ensure that there is always a contract, memorandum of understanding or information sharing protocol in place to ensure that the organisation complies with data protection law.

The law does not allow us to share your information without your permission, unless there is proof that someone is at risk or it is required by law.


Protecting your information

The club will take reasonable steps to make sure we hold personal records (on paper and electronically) in a secure way, and we will only make them available to those who have a right to see them. The club does not have any computer systems. The membership secretary will keep and maintain a spreadsheet containing membership information. This will be held on a personal computer that will be
password protected.

Training for committee members makes them aware of how to handle information and how and when to report it – should something go wrong.


Retention and Disposal of your personal information

 Any information held by the club will be retained for a period of seven years – current year plus six.


Following this period, the membership forms will be shredded and disposed of.

For independent advice about data protection, privacy and data sharing issues, you can contact the

Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) at:


Information Commissioner's Office

Wycliffe House

Water Lane


Cheshire SK9 5AF


Tel: 0303 123 1113 (local rate) or 01625 545 745 if you prefer to use a national rate number


Alternatively, visit or email

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